Great Tips to Get Better Car Wash Results

Washing the car is not exactly one of the things anyone looks forward to but nevertheless, it is a necessary task that we all have to endure. The good news is that there are some things that you can do to make the task more enjoyable. Here are some basic tips for getting better car wash results without having to put out extra effort.

Make sure that you choose an all in one cleaning product for your car exterior. There are some great products on the market these days that combine a cleaner, conditioner, and clear coat protectant in one. This lets you get great looking end result with only one wash step.

Use a shine product that also includes a finish guard product one of the best is NuFinish but there is also a “Final Step” product put out by Mother’s that is equally awesome. This not only gives you a great showroom shine, but it also helps to protect your cars finish from things such as road salt, tree sap and pine tar, bird droppings and more between washing and waxing sessions.

Invest in a really high-quality car duster, and use it a few times a week after the sun goes down and the surface of your car's exterior has completely cool. It’s like taking a dust mop to your hardwood floors and will help keep the car looking great between washes and waxings.

Get a good “spot product” like the one from Mother’s or Meguiar’s. These are perfect for removing small areas of dirt and debris from your car's finish between washes and waxings. Just spray on a clean, dry shammy and wipe the grime away to restore the good looks of your washing efforts.

These tips are going to help you get professional quality results that will last a lot longer. Having a great looking car is simple when you know how to get the most from your efforts without a lot of extra work.
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