Road Trip Plans Often Halted By Lack Of Prep?

Road trip plans are often halted before they ever begin. A vehicle needs to have regular maintenance before incurring many extra miles. It needs to have fluids checked. It needs to have the battery and brakes assessed. The vehicle will always need an oil change.

A road trip means extra mileage. That means you may need service before you ever leave. Our service department wants to make sure you realize the importance of pre-road trip check-ups. The last thing you want is to experience a break down somewhere along the way. That can ruin all the fun.

That's why prep is an important part of road trips. You can pack an emergency kit. You can pack extra food and water. You can navigate your course on paper in case electronics fail. You can plan stops for gas and breaks in safe locations.

You always need to prepare for any major road trip. Our service department is a a major part of that. We can make sure your vehicle is ready to go before you ever step foot out of the door. It's our top priority.

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