Things car shoppers should keep in mind when weighing the decision to buy or lease

Buying and leasing vehicles are both different in many ways, although both offer more benefits than detriments. Let's take a look first at how leasing may be best for your tastes, then cover vehicular purchases.

Leasing helps drivers get high-quality, new cars without forking over exorbitant amounts of money for them. Not only are the cars newer and more expensive, they often come loaded with tons of the market's latest features. Lessees always know how expensive their vehicles will be over the next few years, as total costs are outlined prior to signing an agreement. Lastly, cars under lease are cars under warranty, foregoing the need to pay for factory-defect repairs.

Purchasing a vehicle allows owners to keep them indefinitely, rather than a set period of years. Further, only one lump sum is required, forgoing the need to keep up with payments.

Stop by West Herr Ford of Rochester and let us help you decide whether to buy or lease.
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