Check Out These Ford Fusion Energi Performance Features

The all-new Ford Fusion Energi is a popular plug-in hybrid at West Herr Ford of Rochester that has a number of features that have drivers excited this year. These are a few of those features that make this Energi so popular and safer to drive on the roads.

The Energi has the rearview camera system to help drivers to be able to identify if anything is behind the vehicle as they move in reverse. Simply shift into reverse and observe the center console information screen become your eyes behind the car so you can see moving and stationary objects clearly.

The Ford Energi is going to help make driving safer because it makes use of the Blind Spot Information System while traveling in heavy traffic. When another vehicle is detected behind you in an adjacent lane, sensors trigger your side mirrors to flash a warning, so you know where that vehicle is and which lane you need to avoid in order to make your way safely on the highway.



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