DIY Headlight Restoration

You know that insect repellent works to keep the critters away. Did you also know that you can use this solution to clean your car’s headlamps? It’s true! Insect repellent has properties that make it the ideal choice when you want to bring back the shine that your headlights had when you purchased your vehicle.

Cleaning your headlamps with repellent is quite simple. You only need to spray a small amount onto a rag or sponge and wipe vigorously for about two minutes to see positive results.

It is worth noting that insect repellent contains the chemical DEET, which may eat away at your vehicle’s exterior paint job. It is vital, then, to always apply repellent to your rag and never to the headlamp to prevent the substance from spreading to other parts of the car.

As always, a trained headlight restoration professional at West Herr Ford of Rochester can help you get the most out of your headlights. Stop by today for an inspection!

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