The Ford EcoSport SUV: Making Driving Safer and Easier

The EcoSport is a compact SUV made by Ford. It features fuel saving technology and systems that help make difficult driving conditions much easier.

Hill start assist makes starting from a tight parking spot on hillside as easy of a task as navigating a flat, roomy parking lot. The sensors detect the vehicle is parked on an incline when you start the car and press the gas, keeping your vehicle from rolling backwards.

Saving gas not only saves money but also reduces emissions. The auto start-stop program knows when you are stopped at a railroad track, long red light, or other conditions where you are waiting for your turn to drive. The system shuts the motor down until you remove your foot of the brake and switch to the gas.

Come see our showroom here at West Herr Ford of Rochester, and take the EcoSport for a test drive so that you can see and feel its technology at work.



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