Try New Trails in the Ford Ranger

Are you searching for an adventure-ready truck? At West Herr Ford of Rochester, we suggest the Ford Ranger. Ultra-tough and designed to handle rough roads, this new midsize pickup truck can help you get far from well-traveled routes.

With its strong, heavy-duty steel frame, the Ranger is designed for drivers who aren't afraid to make their own paths. The bottom of the truck offers exceptional ground clearance, which means that you have plenty of room to bump over ruts and rocks.

Planning to tackle unfamiliar territory? With the Ford Ranger's electronic locking rear differential, you can head out with confidence. This available system fixes the position of your rear axle when you're heading off-road; that way, you can get excellent traction even in the most demanding of conditions. Find out how easy this feature is to activate when you pop in to our Rochester, NY location to go for a test drive.

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