The Smart and Stylish Ford Mustang

As the only car to survive the 2020 Ford vehicle lineup, the Ford Mustang now carries the full weight of the Ford sporting heritage. However, the new Mustang does so gracefully and with attitude to spare. As always, the Mustang is available in a few styling and performance flavors to accommodate everyone, from the casual commuter to the serious street racer. Whichever the variety, the Ford Mustang features the strong Mako shark inspired lines that made it an icon, but with several modern touches that add to the sport driving experience.

Up front, there are LED headlights with gill-shaped halo accents to enhance visibility and the frontal appearance. The enhanced output of the LED headlights also allow for a more slim headlight profile, which adds to the menacing look of the new Mustang. Complimenting LED taillights continue with the gill-shaped theme and are a bright and bold reminder to all that they are behind a Mustang. The Mustang is full of smart and appealing features just like this. Let the pros at West Herr Ford of Rochester show you some of the other appealing features of the Mustang.



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