Ford F-150 Has Smart Technologies

The new Ford F-150 has a mind of its own. Yes, this is correct, and this mid-size pickup specifically utilizes its intelligence to provide the smoothest and safest quality of ride. Of course, Ford has retained many of the vehicle's performance components as well as luxury features. Let's see just how smart this pickup truly is.

Thanks to being fully-loaded with a plethora of safety features, drivers can rest assured that they'll be able to dodge many of the highway's hazards. Preventive safety is the name of the game, and the F-150 has its fair share of preventive-safety features such as automatic-high beam headlamps, Hill-Descent Control, Pre-Collison Assist, and a suite of other safety features. The vehicle's camera provides a 360-degree viewing, which is great for backing up. Its built-in navigation system is also accurate and up-to-date.

We encourage you, the car enthusiast, to test drive this vehicle before purchasing. This test drive will certainly convince you that you made the right choice.



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