Feel Completely Safe in a Ford Fiesta

Are you somebody who prefers multiple layers of protection in order to feel completely safe in a car? We understand completely, which is why we have the popular subcompact Ford Fiesta model for sale!

Though the Ford Fiesta is a car that seats 5 people, you can feel truly comforted by the presence of 7 airbags surrounding the entire car, ensuring that everybody will be safe in an emergency. These airbags are also in places surrounding your legs and head, providing complete security for anybody in the car.

The design of the Ford Fiesta is also geared towards safety, being made up of high-strength boron steel that maintains the overall frame of the floor. The incredibly durable frame of the Ford Fiesta makes the overall model a roll cage, allowing you to be protected against the unexpected. If this sounds like a model that's right for you, come by West Herr Ford of Rochester and give it a test drive today!



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