Regardless of the vehicle type, driving a vehicle built around performance is generally a better experience. Today, even vehicles in the compact hatchback class have performance options. If this is the type of vehicle that would fit you best in navigating the roads of Rochester, then you should check out the 2019 Ford Fiesta ST.

The 2019 Fiesta ST has a number of features that make it a fun vehicle to drive. It starts with a sporty 1.6L EcoBoost engine that delivers 197 horsepower. This engine is paired with either a five or six-speed manual transmission to deliver a sporty in control driving experience. If an automatic transmission is desired, there is also the PowerShift six-speed with SelectShift transmission available.

The Ford Fiesta ST takes corners and curves in thrilling fashion. To help maintain control, Torque Vectoring Control comes standard. This feature shifts torque to the wheels with the best grip ensuring that the Fiesta ST hugs the curve.


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