The Ford Explorer ST is a dazzling example of what can be achieved when manufacturers don't sacrifice quality for affordability. The Explorer ST doesn't have a luxury price tag, but it still comes with all of the functions and features that you'd expect from a top-dollar SUV.

For example, the Ford Explorer ST boasts a three-liter engine that can reach up to 143 miles per hour. It's a Ford SUV that can really take you places, especially considering its fuel economy rating of 18 mpg in the city and 24 mpg on the highway. The new Explorer ST also doesn't skimp on the luxury features: It offers everything from leather seats to a twin-panel moon roof, and it's decked with cool extras like touchscreen displays and charging ports.

Consider the Ford Explorer ST if you're looking for a new SUV to take you around Rochester, NY. We'd be happy to show you our selection at West Herr Ford of Rochester. We'll even let you take one for a test drive!


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