Road Trip Plans Often Halted By Lack Of Prep?

Road trip plans are often halted before they ever begin. A vehicle needs to have regular maintenance before incurring many extra miles. It needs to have fluids checked. It needs to have the battery and brakes assessed. The vehicle will always need an oil change.

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End of Lease Advantages

What are your best end of lease advantages? There are many options to choose from when your Ford lease has ended. The West Herr Ford of Rochester finance department is ready to help. The best thing about utilizing a lease is the flexibility it allows upon termination. These are some of your options from our Rochester Ford dealership:

Turn Your Car In

You knew this was an option when you leased. It's part of the attraction of leasing a vehicle. You don't have a permanent attachment. A lease allows you to move on by dropping the keys off…

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The Benefits of Having Your Tires Rotated Regularly

It is important for you to pay attention to every need that your car has and to keep a regular maintenance schedule. When it comes to the tires of your Ford car, you should have them rotated on a regular basis. Here at West Herr Ford of Rochester, our team is ready to share several benefits of regular tire rotation and service:

  • Tire rotation helps to ensure that your tires wear down at the same pace.
  • Routine rotation of your tires helps to keep them from supporting the vehicle in an uneven way and causing it damage.
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Things car shoppers should keep in mind when weighing the decision to buy or lease

Buying and leasing vehicles are both different in many ways, although both offer more benefits than detriments. Let's take a look first at how leasing may be best for your tastes, then cover vehicular purchases.

Leasing helps drivers get high-quality, new cars without forking over exorbitant amounts of money for them. Not only are the cars newer and more expensive, they often come loaded with tons of the market's latest features. Lessees always know how expensive their vehicles will be over the next few years, as total costs are outlined prior to signing an agreement. Lastly, cars under…
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Don't Leave Your Pet in a Hot Car!

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​It is always a great idea to take your beloved pet on a trip with you, maybe to the beach or to visit some friends, but there are some important tips you need to heed if you decide to bring Rufus along with you.

One tip would be to make sure that you never leave your pet in a hot car. This can be dangerous and potentially fatal for your pet, so we suggest keeping the A/C running if you must leave them in your vehicle. That way they stay cool and happy, and you can enjoy a hassle…
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The Ford Fusion is Ideal for Your Daily Commute in Rochester, NY


Be the boss of your life. The car just helps make it effortless. #FordFusion

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For the everyday work commuters who are looking for a stylish sedan with excellent fuel efficiency can find their match with the Ford Fusion at the West Herr Ford of Rochester Dealership. Explore the variety of trim levels we have available in our new inventory and see how you can upgrade your driving experience with our available lease and finance options.

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