Built for Tomorrow's Technical Demands: the Ford Transit

May 10th, 2021 by

As the world becomes increasingly "smarter" and reliant on advanced tech, vehicle brains have gotten larger and larger. It used to be that advanced tech only showed up on expensive upper trims. Ford does away with this trend, lavishing cutting edge tech on its entire fleet. One such example, the Ford Transit, is a favorite among our West Herr Ford of Rochester team. Here's why.

It Parks Itself

The Ford Transit has an Active Park Assist feature. Active Park Assist scans for the optimal parking spot and then steers itself into the spot. As it does, the feature prompts you to brake, accelerate or shift as needed. It works with parallel and perpendicular parking, helping you back into tight spots like an absolute pro.

Roll Stability Control

Roll Stability Control comes in extra handy on the Ford Transit, a muscular passenger wagon that tows and hauls up to roughly 3,800 pounds. Roll Stability Control adapts wheel torque via selective braking when exterior sensors on the Ford Transit detect high winds or slippery road conditions. This stops wheels from spinning uncontrollably, averting rollover, lateral skidding, sliding and spinout.


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Source: West Herr Ford of Rochester

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