Ford Flex Technology Helps You Stay Safe in Rochester and Beyond

July 12th, 2020 by

In the Ford Flex, you’ll find a range of technology features for entertainment and comfort — and even more importantly, you’ll find that Ford uses smart tech to keep you safe. Whether you’re towing a trailer or driving in the snow, this popular three-row midsize SUV is always working to protect you.

Every Flex comes with innovative AdvanceTrac technology. This system employs gyroscopic sensors to monitor the way your SUV is moving. If it senses too much swaying, it automatically cuts the amount of engine power and applies braking to the appropriate wheel to counteract the effect. That way, all you feel is a smooth, stable ride.

When you’re driving on a rainy highway or navigating during a snowstorm, the available intelligent all-wheel drive has your back. It uses smart sensors to keep track of wheel slip; then, the system adjusts torque to help you maintain traction. See what else the Explorer can do during a test drive at West Herr Ford of Rochester.

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