Match Your Ford Mustang to Your Personal Style at West Herr Ford of Rochester

July 15th, 2021 by

The Ford Mustang is one of the most well-known performance cars in Rochester, attracting drivers with its speed and power. It's also available with an impressive number of exterior options, so you can create a tailor-made design.

The new Mustang comes in a range of exciting colors. For 2021, you can select from four new options: Antimatter Blue, Fighter Jet Gray, Carbonized Gray, and the bold Grabber Yellow. Fun and eye-catching, these colors draw attention to the Mustang's classic lines and athletic curves. You can even add stripes for an extra pop of color.

The wheels are some of the most visible parts of the Mustang, especially when the car is in motion. Choose from 18 different wheel styles to find the one that calls to you. From edgy aluminum wheels with gleaming Ebony Black pockets to high-shine Polished Aluminum wheels, there's an option for every personality.


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Source: West Herr Ford of Rochester

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